Spun Stardust

Spinning the Dust of Stars Into Words

Deep Inside

Here inside the silence fills my mind

No words no thoughts no nothing left to find

I don’t know where I am, I don’t know where I’m going

I’m standing here as though it’s fine

And somewhere deep inside a restless feeling

Gathers, coils, tightens

The silence of my mind

There’s ripples deep inside

But nothing there to find.

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Who Is There

I am backing up sideways to a mirror
in an effort to get a look at the person I can never see
but every time I get close enough and turn around to look
there’s no one there to look back at me.

I’m not sure anymore that there is anyone there to see
but I feel and I hear someone
the ripples of their presence are all around me
and I’m struggling to understand how that can be true.

Every time I open my mouth I feel that someone
is injured by what they find there
while I stand confused trying to see
what cannot be seen.

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Eye of the Storm

The quiet outside my head in stark contrast to the clamour within

insulates me from the world

isolates me from anything real.

Here inside all the little angry weasels are free to play

free to say anything they like

the poisoned water had started to clear

but here they are again

and all the darkness, like a summer storm on the night of a full moon,

has descended as if it had never left.

I thought I was free,

but now I can see that it was only the eye of the storm,

and all that’s left is more darkness until the end.

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Slipped Away

Time is slipping through my fingers

ever further from where I meant to be

and now I feel I’ve slipped away.

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There was a dream –
I think it was a
strange, familiar dream –
I’m feeling it begin again,
like Spring emerging from
beneath the snow.
So now I’m running forward
towards all that waits before me.

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Waking Dream

You won’t find the things I dream

in the corners of my eye during the daylight hours

You won’t hear the hint of laughter

or of fear in the careful words I pour from my mouth

You won’t feel the distance in my eyes

and know my mind has wandered from the here and now

You won’t taste the other things I’ve been

in the flavor of my lips

And you will never know when the thing watching you

from behind my eyes is no longer the me you knew.

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See Me Now

Do not see me for who I have been

Do not burn me

Do not judge me

Do not wish for who I

once might have been

Here I stand now


the me who cannot go back

Do not tell me that who I am now

is any less worthy

is any less me

than who I could have been.


I am Wild and I am Free

I am wild and I am free
but if you take me I will be
bound and broken, no longer me.

I will dream and scheme
and find my own way out of here
and build up myself again.

I can be wild and I can be free
but if you try to take it from me
I can’t just let that be.

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Giant Dreams

I was a giant last night in my slumber,
My feet so long, so sturdy, so strong,
They carried me over mountains in barely a stride

I lifted my kindred from under the soil,
Their clay bodies so supine, so supple, so fine,
They flung themselves wholly into the world of tiny men

We exalted in the warm sunshine,
Our joy so spectacular, so fantastic, so ecstatic,
We never noticed the broken buildings, the burning barns, the destruction we brought.

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It’s Only Me

It’s only me,
sitting here thinking of the times we had
the sorrow and the joy
trials and tribulations that we had
when you were still
somewhere I could find
somewhere I could see
someone I could know

It’s only me,
sitting here wishing I could try again
be a better me
a me that wouldn’t need to try again

Maybe one day the memory of you
won’t feel so fresh
won’t make me feel like
it’s only me left here.

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